Archeological Area

Tempio-Apollo-Aleo-a-Cirò-MarinaArcheological Parl “Apollo Aleo”.  Apollo Aleo Sanctuary, as the hystorical sources show, was devoted to Filottete and after a long research it was found out in 1924 by Paolo Orsi.


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apollo-aleo Archeological Civic Museum The museum was opened in 1999 and it is in the old part of the Town, inside “Palazzo Porti”. It has been designed by 2 architects: Stefano Mingrone and Mario Patanisi. In the building you can see Archeological finds from different periods: fine vases, artistic terracotte and precious objects.  In 2015 after finding out Apollo Aleo’s bronze eyelash, the Musesum had on display the rests of the acrolito that was moved from the Museum pf Reggio Calabria to the one in Cirò Marina for an exhibition.

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