Jonic Sea


Cirò Marina is on the Jonic sea and since the origin it has always lived on all the activities that the sea  grant expecially tourism.

Thanks to about circa 16 Km of beaches  Cirò Marina  offers, both to the inhabitants and to the tourists, different activities linked to the sea, indeed numerous are the beach resorts.

Fishing is a major activity that sustains the territory of Cirò Marina, from that many culinary traditions hail from.  

It has been years that Cirò Marina obtains the “Sea Oscar” which is the “Blue Flag” for its cristalline water.

From the photographs you can see the transparency of the seabeds and the bright colors that characterize the flora and fauna that live there.

A popular activity among fans of the seabed is diving through which you can explore the clear blue sea in all the beauty.

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A wonderful feature of the beach in Cirò Marina is the sand. Along the 16 Km  of beach  there are different types of sand.

It changes in shapes depending on the areas: there is the thin sand in Zona Fego, there is sand and gravel on the shore in Zona Torrenova, and the gravel is thicker in Zona Punta Alice.

Who prefers fishing on the rocks could go to Zona Centrale.

Thanks to the shape of the coast, in Ciro Marina you can watch some very original phenomena. Usually on the Ionian Coast you can enjoy only the dawn;but there is a magical point in Cirò Marina  where you can watch both the Sunset and the Dawn hat as you can see from the following pictures.

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Punta Alice

Also, thanks to the pointed shape of the coastline, Cirò Marina meets the needs and tastes of each one; unlike other places if one day the wind is very strong, for relaxing and sunbathing you can choose to go to the beach on the opposite side of the tip, while those who love sports like surfing or kite surfing can choose the windy side.


Having  a pine forest of 60 Ha on the sea enriches the territory of charm. Avere una pineta di 60 Ha sul mare arricchisce ulteriormente il territorio di fascino. A natural attraction that in a few sea towns you can find, the pine forest welcomes both families with little kids and teenagers.
The “Bosco dei Cacci”, that is how is called the area just inagurated, it is situated in Punta Alice and it is extended throughout the coast.

Although the park preserves the wildlife, it includes : a children’s playground,  a picnic area, a path suitable for making healthy walks and for the olders an area used for sports.



The Class IV port is both touristic and fishing. It is destined to the local fishing and recreation. It is composed of two docks and an expansion basin, a main breakwater, a north quay and  a south one. In the n. 2 dock are installed two floating docks for pleasure craft.

The seabed in the pier vary from  3 m to 5 m. There are 342 berths  available for  will be 342 berths for pleasure boats, which can have a maximum length of 15 m.

The port of Ciro Marina is a quiet harbor for the people who prefer to reach the town by sea.

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bandieraCirò Marina  is one of the tourist areas of Italy to be the proud holder of the international recognition conferred by Foundation for Environmental Education - FEE: the Blue Flag.

Cirò Marina’s obtained this recognition for 15 times, this year included! This Oscar is awarded for the quality of the sea, the beaches and the services offered.

The Blue Flag is a source of great pride for the citizens.

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for beaches suitable for kidsBANDIERA-VERDE-2015-335x240

Crystal clear water, clean beaches where children can have fun and play, there are also lifeguards and rest areas near the beach.

These are characteristics that the Town Administrations have been able to value thanks to the work done in support of the urban quality and the environment. There are twelve municipalities of Calabria who have been awarded with the Green Flag of Pediatrics.  Ciro Marina’s gotten this flag for the second time this year ‘2015’. 


farothe lighthouse of Punta Alice is located in Ciro Marina. It is 6 km far from the center.  This lighthouse was activated by the Civil Engineers in 1896 and was built about 400 meters from the place from where it takes its name (formerly called Crimisa Promontorium).

Today’s lighthouse is in the same spot where it was the old  that was destroyed by the raging sea.

The proximity to the sea created some problems of stability to this lighthouse, indeed in 1934-35, a strong storm carried off the dam built in its defense and a wide area of the beach disappeared. During the reconstruction work, it was decided to build the lighthouse above the level of the ground, to avoid having the same problem in the future.

Riferimenti geografici
Province KR
Municipality Cirò Marina
Coordinate Latitude: 39° 23,9` N – Longitude: 17° 9,2` E

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The seafront of Ciro Marina is dedicated to the Italian Admiral Italian who died in 1978 in Cirò, Stefano Pugliese great example of commitment and value shown in the Navy.

On the Stefano Pugliese Seafront, in the south part,  in 2000 it was placed a bronze statue  on a  white marble pedestal, representing  Sister Rosa who founded the order of the Daughters of St. Anne and was beatified by the Pope in that year .